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Challenge Norms Push Bounadaries Reshape The World


A Digital Transformation and Technology Enablement Company, OnAvancer is on the journey to empower businesses to disrupt ecosystems through innovation and lower the barriers to entry within entrepreneurship.


With Innovation and empowerment at the core, OnAvancer strives to make digital transformation and entrepreneurship more accessible for dreamers, believers, and risk-takers who have the drive to reshape the world with their vision of change.

Values That
Define Us

OnAvancer believes in creating a culture where creative problem-solving
can thrive, enabling us to deliver extraordinary solutions! We achieve
that by holding every member of our team to the highest standard
of integrity, respect, and collaboration.

  • Leadership beyond titles
  • Deliver With Value
  • Collaborate to Solve
  • Accountability Before Correction
  • Enjoy it or Change it
The Team

Behind OnAvancer

Chief Executive Officer

Syed Ali Naqi

Chief Financial Officer

Murtaza Haider

Technical Lead

Syed Mohammad Hassan

Head of Content Marketing

Ayesha Feroz

Head of Project Management

Obaid Ul Quadir