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A real estate mobile application development company, Avancer provides dedicated real estate management apps for all real estate functions and real estate super apps, enabling you to reduce the clutter and manage all functions of your real estate business from one real estate management app.

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Our Vision For The
Real Estate Industry

The Real Estate Industry has a high disruption profile with modern technology being the key to unlocking its true potential. Our vision for the real estate industry revolves around the integration of modern technology within each function of the industry, bringing convenience and speed to its forefront.

This is Avancer’s Real Estate vision:

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Developing Real Estate Solutions
For All Industry Stakeholders

Avancer provides personalized real estate solutions for all industry stakeholders, enabling cross-industry digital transformation through modern technology. Our stakeholder portfolio for real estate app development includes:

Real Estate Agencies

360 management of properties, agents/brokers, and tenants alongside lead management, document storage, and client relationship management modules.


Manage existing clients, engage potential leads, store documents, manage listings, and provide your clients with a single-platform experience for longer retention.

Brokers/ Agents

Our real estate software for agents and brokers allows them to manage their operations from one single device for operational efficiency.


We help individual property owners manage their properties, automate rent processing, and manage tenants, leases, and complaints through our landlord property management app.


Create complaint tickets, request fixes & maintenance, and automate rental payments for a seamless experience that saves time and effort.

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Our Suite of
Real Estate App Development Solutions

Avancer provides personalized real estate solutions for all industry stakeholders, enabling cross-industry digital transformation through modern technology. Our stakeholder portfolio for real estate app development includes:


Signature features of our On-demand
App Development Solutions

On-demand apps are redefining life experience by bringing unmatched convenience to users. There is no secret to on-demand apps, but there are certain features that make them successful in combination with industry-specific custom features.

The features are essential for your on-demand mobile app to succeed in a competitive market!

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Real Estate Mobile Apps
Transforming Business Performances

Whether you run a real estate agency or a single broker or land owner, our real estate apps are custom made to best fit your requirements. Our cross-industry real estate mobile app solutions allow you to supercharge your real estate business by creating efficiency in every step of the process.

Improve Customer Relationships

Build better relationships, enhance your pipeline capacity by 200%, improve follow-ups with automation, and provide a consumer experience that converts prospects into buyers.

Establish Accountability

The dashboards that are part of our real estate apps and solutions help you track projects, determine key metrics, and map performance through chart-based visualizations.

Gain Greater Insight into your Performance

Understand your performance better through audience segmentation, sales analytics, performance benchmarking, maintenance reports, tenant satisfaction rate, etc. to make better business decisions.

Paperless Process

Go paperless to improve productivity and reduce operational costs through digital documentation and data accessibility via cloud-based real estate apps.

Better Sales

Our real estate app development solutions allow you to generate 10x revenue by expanding your pipeline, improving your conversion rate, and augmenting your consideration stage success ratio through automation and convenience.

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Why OnAvancer For
Your Real Estate
App Development Project

Scalability First

Our technological experience allows us to identify the best use case for modern technologies within your digital domain, ensuring you get the right technology integrations based on your business needs.

Problem Solver

As a real estate app development company, we focus on staying on top of modern real estate trends and technologies. Our real estate app developers constantly evolve with technology, helping you outperform your competitors with revenue-centric apps.

Learning Driven

Our real estate mobile app development process allows you to become a team member throughout the process, ensuring transparency and collaboration at its highest level.

Transparent Process

Our real estate application development services are not limited to developing apps based on your idea. Our real estate app development consultants work with you to create your business roadmap and conduct gap and industry analyses to ensure a product-market fit.

End-User Centric

Our project management methodologies allow us to create a flexible project plan based on your timelines, priorities, and business plans. This ensures client-team synergy and delivers products at the perfect speed while providing scalability space within the sprint cycle.



Our diverse portfolio is a testament to our ability to deliver projects at scale and speed. Check out  our featured application
development portfolio to see what we can do for your business.


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Our Engagement

As a real estate application development company, we provide our clients with different engagement models that best fit their project types. Each engagement model has its pricing structure, app development process, and engagement scope. We offer two engagement models: the Fixed-Bid Model and the Time and Material(T&M) Model.

The Fixed-Bid model is generally suitable for real estate app development projects with a clear and distinct scope of development, with any changes to the scope unlikely. In Fixed-Bid Model, the client shares their requirements with our real estate app developers, who provide a feature-driven pricing breakdown, development timeline, and pricing structure. Once the feature set and timeline are agreed upon, the project enters its execution phase based on the agreed-upon metrics.

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For custom real estate app development services, we advise our clients who don’t have a crystal-clear vision for their product to choose the Time & Material based engagement model. In T&M, the client hires a developer or a set of developers based on their requirements on an hourly basis. The number of hours their hired developers work is multiplied by a pre-decided $/hour rate to provide pricing. This model is best applicable in scenarios when the project scope is likely to change.

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